Bad Reputation tells stories about women in rock. The lost stories. The complicated stories. The good stories. 

When Joan Jett was turned down by 23 record companies trying to put out her solo debut, she recorded it herself and sold it from the back of her manager’s white Cadillac. That record, Bad Reputation, was a flag in the rock n’ roll landscape — a snarling declaration that women could produce culture on their own terms. Bad Reputation’s host, Micco Caporale, is running with that same flag. 

She reads the shit you don’t have time to read and tracks down the people you don’t know how to find to get the stories you’ve been desperate to hear. This podcast mixes history, re-enactments, and interviews to push girls to the front. Get your headphones ready.

Available on iTunes or Stitcher.

Bad Reputation’s logo photo is by Martin Crudo. The band pictured is Blystex.